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There are currently 16870 items in our database. Last update : 2023/01/27.
Citation values update : 2020/12/31

This interface allows to obtain the list of the scientific production, in the form of bibliographic records classified under different headings.

Query on a group: about "accounting for collaborations between groups"

Whether the box is checked or not, the result of the query is the same. Only the shape changes.

When the box is checked (default option), the query result is presented as a single list of all bibliographic records where there is at least one author belonging to the requested group.

When the box is not checked, the query result is presented in two parts. Firstly are presented items where the first IEMN author appearing in the author list belongs to the requested group. In a second part, under the heading "collaborations with other groups" are listed items where at least one author of the requested group appears, but not as first one of IEMN authors.

Note about the heading "Articles in peer review international journals following a conference"

In a logical way, the items that appear under this heading (journal publication year) also appear under the heading "Papers in international conferences with proceedings" (conference year). In the same way, from a bibliometric point of view, these items are counted both as articles and as papers in conferences.

Citations Source: Web of Science ©Clarivate Analytics (weekly updated)
Journal Impact Factor (JIF) source: Journal Citation Reports ©Clarivate Analytics (yearly updated)
Journal relative rank in the WoS category where it ranks best: ©IEMN [details]

"JIF = field not yet completed in our database" stands for one of the following cases:

  • publication year previous to 2004 (in our database the JIF field is recorded as of 2004)
  • the journal impact factor is not yet published (current or last year)
  • the journal is not indexed in the Journal Citation Reports for the publication year

"Citations : field not yet completed in our database" represents one of the following cases:

  • publication year previous to 2008 (in our database the citations number is recorded only for articles and as of 2008)
  • the article in not (yet) indexed in WoS