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There are currently 1088 items in our database.
Last entry of a priority patent: 2022/10/12.

Background information

It is not always easy to precisely know the status of all patent applications, especially abroad, because of publication and application processing delays. So the historical of all documents published under a same priority number is not easy to track in "real time":

  • as far as possible, priority patent applications are recorded in our database as soon as published,
  • in contrast, we make a single annual update for patent applications published in other states than priority patent application, as well as for patent grant publications.

That means that the status of some patent applications may have changed since our last update. Thus, the results of your queries in this database will be more or less exhaustive and precise, depending on the date of our last updates. For more complete and accurate information, you can visit these daily updated websites, which are our sources of information for fill in our own database:

Note: it sometimes happens that a searcher integrates another research group or that a research group disappears in the delay between the first priority patent application and the publication of the other documents published under the same priority number. In these cases, in order to keep global consistency between the prior application and all derivative documents, we chose to assign all subsequent documents to the same research group as the priority patent application, despite the fact that the inventor searcher belongs no more to that group or that group has disappeared (MICFUT group is a good illustration of these particular cases).