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This interface allows to visualize the number of scientific documents produced, in the form of a summary table followed by some of the most representative histograms of scientific production (among other things the ratio articles/ETP).

The ETP values are only recorded in our database as of 2008, so that the ratio articles/ETP cannot be calculated for years prior to 2008.

In the case of a query on the whole laboratory or one department, each item is counted only once, even if it is assigned to several groups.

"accounting for collaborations between groups"- In the case of a query on a group, the results are divided into two parts:

  • at first, result only accounts for bibliographic records where the first IEMN author appearing in the author's list belongs to the requested group
  • a second result accounts for all items where there is at least on author belonging to the requested group

For each case, a summary table and histograms are provided.